Hellbound with the Devils own face. (fall_farewell) wrote in animalporn,
Hellbound with the Devils own face.


I just barely found this lj community, but it seems pretty new, well anyways my name is Jarold and I love to have sex with my dog, "Scooter" (st. bernard). The first time it happend was right when my girlfriend broke up with me, I was really heartbroken. So the next day, my parents left to go see a movie and I was very sexually frustrated and Scooter was licking my leg, so I was curious and thought to myself, "What would it feel like if my dog licked my penis?" So I put scooter on my lap and unzipped my pants and put some peanut butter on it and Scooter began to lick it off, I thought it felt so good.

So, every once in a while when I was home from school and my parents were at work. I tried to do new things with my dog, eventually after about a month or so I started fucking scooter and I can say, it was better than fucking my stupid bitch ex-girlfriend!! Well anyways, I've been having sex with scooter for about 4 months or so and I can tell you, it's the most pleasurable sexual experience I have ever had in my whole life.

I hope people start joining this community, maybe I'll post pictures one day. ;P Bye Bye
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