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Come share your stories!!!'s Journal
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Date:2004-08-11 13:03

I have sex with grizzly bears ;)

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Date:2004-05-22 01:24


here's how it started:

i was going out with this kid, and he gave my my guinea pig for a birthday present. well one day, my man wasnt giving me any lovin [if you know what i mean] and so i though that i'd give my little piggy a try. i put a condom on her bottom half and just fucked my pussy with it all night. holy shit it was amazing. it turned out to be so good that i broke up with my boyfriend and just have long steamy nights with my little pig.

ps. i've been wanting to try dog sex for awhile now, i've got two of them. have any of you ever tried being tag teamed? help me out!!

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Date:2004-05-22 00:40

I just barely found this lj community, but it seems pretty new, well anyways my name is Jarold and I love to have sex with my dog, "Scooter" (st. bernard). The first time it happend was right when my girlfriend broke up with me, I was really heartbroken. So the next day, my parents left to go see a movie and I was very sexually frustrated and Scooter was licking my leg, so I was curious and thought to myself, "What would it feel like if my dog licked my penis?" So I put scooter on my lap and unzipped my pants and put some peanut butter on it and Scooter began to lick it off, I thought it felt so good.

So, every once in a while when I was home from school and my parents were at work. I tried to do new things with my dog, eventually after about a month or so I started fucking scooter and I can say, it was better than fucking my stupid bitch ex-girlfriend!! Well anyways, I've been having sex with scooter for about 4 months or so and I can tell you, it's the most pleasurable sexual experience I have ever had in my whole life.

I hope people start joining this community, maybe I'll post pictures one day. ;P Bye Bye

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Date:2004-05-21 22:56

Okay, so this is like my very first community ever! HEHEHE. Why not have it be about something I love? I love fucking animals. I have had sex with:

Chickens, Dog and Cats. This one time I went to my uncle Larry's farm. He is also into having sex with animals. We had made plans to have sex with some animals together, but unfortunetly we didn't have enough time.

Well, so this community is for all of those who have had sex with animals, have pictures of people having sex with animals, stories, or even dreams.

Last time I had any kind of sexual activity with an animal, was with my guinea pig "Charlie". I put him in between my legs, and rubbed vegitable oil, lettuce, and some other stuff on my asshole, and i just let him lick all of that off...while I masterbated. It was amazing.

I hope that more people join with more stories. I will try to get some pictures up soon.


- Jerry

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